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Discover a new level of productivity with Lantek Bend's real-time software.

Are you tired of complicated bending processes that waste time and resources? Simplify your process with Lantek Bend, the innovative software solution that streamlines the Press Brake and Bend Center process.


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Bending Made Easy

Lantek Bend offers a range of advanced features designed to simplify the bending process. Our software boasts an easy-to-use interface and support for over 20 part and assembly file formats. It features powerful algorithms for real-time validation, batch processing, and adaptive flat patterns, as well as support for multiple machine manufacturers and controllers.

Whether you're looking to streamline your workflow or improve efficiency, Lantek Bend is the quick and efficient solution you need.

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Fast bending algorithms

Lantek Bend offers cutting-edge software that simplifies even the most complex bending tasks, with a focus on speed and efficiency. Our advanced algorithms and intuitive interface allow for quick and accurate bending operations, while also reducing costs and improving productivity. With Lantek Bend, you can streamline your bending processes and revolutionize your operations.

Streamline bending for cost savings

Lantek Bend is a real-time software designed to increase productivity, reduce scrap rates, and accelerate delivery times. Our user-friendly interface and streamlined operations minimize the need for extensive bending knowledge, making it easy to use and ideal for maximizing efficiency.

With Lantek Bend's design-to-manufacture process and part validation before production starts, you'll enjoy significant cost savings. Experience the benefits of real-time software and optimize your manufacturing processes with Lantek Bend today.

3.9 Real-time
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Intuitive Interface

A user's dream: lightning-fast, intuitive, and loaded with convenient keyboard shortcuts!
CAD File Support

CAD File Support

Supports +20 native part and assembly file formats, eliminating the need to install or link to any extra CAD software.
Real-time validation

Real-time validation

Real-time validation ensures the bending process is error-free, from tool and die assignment to collision detection and process warnings.
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Tool Library

Unlock a vast library of over 7000 industry-standard tools and build your custom tool configurations with our user-defined tool library.

Experience the full potential of your manufacturing operations with real-time software that reduces scrap rates and accelerates delivery times, optimizing efficiency.


Achieve bending with ease!