Sheet Metal Nesting Made Simple


Our advanced 2D CAD/CAM nesting and wide range of machine tool builder relationships makes Lantek Expert the best nesting solution for sheet metal manufacturers.



Reduce Scrap

Our customers reduce scrap by an average of 8% through more efficient nesting and post-processing.


Any Cutting Technology

Lantek programs more than 1,200 laser, plasma, oxyfuel, waterjet, shear, and punch machine models.


Remnant Management

Easily manage and access sheet metal remnants for nesting to utilize the most of your raw material.


Common Line Cutting

Nest parts closer and decrease your production time with common line cutting that actually works.

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Lantek has been instrumental in getting all our CNC punch and plasma needs resolved and simplified. Productivity and efficiency within Lantek is phenomenal and should be in all manufacturer's toolbox of software.

Randall Dorris

AZZ Systems

Our company went from pencil and paper to Lantek and a new Fiber Optic laser. What an incredible journey it's been as both the software and laser have allowed us to achieve triple-digit growth within the same facility footprint over a short period of time!

Tom Westby

Albers Commercial Kitchen Services

More than 96,000 users trust Lantek to nest every day.

We operate over 1,200 machine models.




Any Technology for Sheet Metal


Laser, plasma, oxyfuel, waterjet, punching, and shearing machines. You name it, we run it. With more than 30 years in the industry and agreements with over 100 machine tool builders, Lantek has post-processors to generate CNC code for nearly any sheet metal cutting, punching, and shearing machine. 





More Efficient Nesting


Optimum performance and greater flexibility by way of automatic, semi-automatic, and manual nesting options. Powerful manual nesting functions include copying, moving, rotating, and more. Advanced automatic nesting algorithm makes the most out of your sheet. 





Parametric Part Library


Our CAD/CAM system for HVAC and ducts includes an extensive parametric part library to quickly access the most commonly used figures that follow SMACNA and DIN 18.739 standards. 





Database Part Management


Lantek stores your part files in an SQL database for quick access and import when creating new jobs. Our database stores all necessary part information to help improve your quoting process. It is also integrated with our MES and ERP solutions to keep track of all necessary information regarding material cost, fabrication time, and other necessary data points.


Lantek is changing the way you manufacture.

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