Enterprise Data 



The enterprise resource planning solution for sheet metal manufacturers to manage quotes, sales, inventory, vendors, customers, and other pertinent business data.



Quote Accurately

Having all the necessary information in one place allows you to quote quickly and with confidence.


Gain Insights

Our dashboard displays production data in an easy to view, graphical interface to pinpoint bottlenecks.


Knowledge is Power

Lantek allows you to predict requirements for upcoming jobs even before they are scheduled.


Eliminate Rework

We create a digital thread across all departments of your operation to keep key stakeholders informed.

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Since going live with Lantek, Laserfab has seen increased production capacity, agility in managing our WIP, decreased lead times, and decreased inventory spend. Most important to us is the ability to bring sales, engineering, and production together on the same page.

Dain Zimmerman

Laserfab, Inc

Our company went from pencil and paper to Lantek and a new Fiber Optic laser. What an incredible journey it's been as both the software and laser have allowed us to achieve triple-digit growth within the same facility footprint over a short period of time!

Tom Westby

Albers Commercial Kitchen Services

Technology is changing the way we work.

We put the FACT in manufacturing.



Accurate Quoting

With Lantek Integra there is no more guess work when quoting jobs. Having all the necessary data at your fingertips allows you to quote with confidence knowing your true cost per part - not just material cost. Our most advanced customers have achieved 99% quoting accuracy. What are you waiting for? 






Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Lantek offers a barcode and QR code scanner integration so you can quickly track and access raw material and production data throughout your warehouse. We can also track inventory across multiple facilities and finished assemblies. No more hoping that your inventory is in the correct place. Know with certainty.







Customer & Vendor Management

Easily keep track of your customers and vendors all in one spot. Analyze where you are most profitable and where you spend the most. Set rules within Lantek to notify the proper people when a purchase order is received, when it is time to order new material from vendors, or when it is time for your facility to fabricate needed supplies. 



Lantek is changing the way you manufacture.

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