Industry 4.0 Web Series

Developing a Digital Strategy for Industry 4.0 Webinar

Digital Strategy Industry 4.0 Path

Every success story starts with a strategy. As the first webinar in our series, Developing a Digital Strategy for Industry 4.0 will help you map your transition into an Industry 4.0 business. We begin by identifying your progress on the path to digitization, and explore the steps toward successfully achieving your next Industry 4.0 milestone. We cover both cultural and technological challenges, and offer suggestions for overcoming these obstacles.

In this 45-minute webinar you will learn:

  • The milestones involved in the digitization process
  • Where you are on the road to digitization
  • How to take inventory of your digital assets
  • The critical next step to advance your digitization progress.

This webinar includes real-world examples of manufacturers on the path to digitization, their challenges and solutions that have helped them achieve success.

Technology is changing the way manufacturers do business. Are you ready for the digital transformation?  

Watch this webinar to learn how your business can develop a digital strategy for Industry 4.0!


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