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A strategic solution for you to  optimize relationships with existing and prospective customers while saving time and money by quickly creating optimized objective quotes using real data.

This solution is a step on the path towards digital transformation which will all you to:

  • Check costs and sales prices of the same product manufactured using different technologies and/or materials and on different occasions.
  • Analyze and graphically display key information for decision making:
  • Have a system that integrates all areas of the company: sales, purchasing, manufacturing, workshop and work in progress.
  • Quickly generate objective  quotes based on calculations of target costs, margins and profits.
  • Generate quotes associated with products, sales orders, manufacturing orders, delivery notes and invoices thus having a complete tracking of the sales process, without the need to consult each item in a different system.


The efficiency of your company revolves around production, and optimization is achieved when the rest of the company's processes revolve around said production. Management of machines, of production and now, of  corporate processes : Quoting, Sales, Purchasing, Outsourcing ... and integration with all other CRM/ERP packages. Total control of your company using the same software package: the preliminary step towards the automation and efficiency of  industry 4.0.