Lantek iQuoting

Accurate quotes in less than 3 minutes

A cost calculation system that enables the generation of quick and accurate quotes without requiring advanced expertise in part design or nesting.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Fast, easy and accurate
  • Simplifies work; eliminates complex spreadsheets and formulas.


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SaaS Cloud app

SaaS Cloud app

Don't let location hinder your productivity. Our tool lets you quote jobs from anywhere and at any time.
Win More Quotes

Win More Quotes

Don't let slow response times hurt your business. Accelerate your estimate response time and close more deals with confidence.
Powerful e-commerce

Powerful e-commerce

Simplifies the process of quoting and selling metal parts, with automatic quoting and sales without intermediaries.
Save Time & Money

Save Time & Money

Tired of spending hours on job quotes? Let Lantek iQuoting do the work in an instant.

Quick and easy quotation

With Lantek iQuoting, your quoting process can be simplified and modernized in just 5 easy steps. The application allows for quick and easy quoting from any device with an Internet connection, while providing multiple calculation methods to suit your preferences. Additionally, importing your DXF files can result in quotes being generated within seconds, effectively saving time and increasing sales.

iQuoting is designed to be user-friendly for individuals with any level of knowledge about calculation formulas. You can expect to receive accurate and consistent quotes, all conveniently centralized in one location. By utilizing this application, you can quote faster, quote more, and ultimately increase your sales. Furthermore, working collaboratively is made easy, as there is no need to worry about knowledge transfer or managing excel formulas that only a portion of the team understands.

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Quote in 5 easy steps 

Quoting has never been so easy: with Lantek iQuoting, you can quote in just 5 simple steps and save time in the quotation process.

1º Main data: select the customer and enter the relevant data.
2º Parts definition: parts are loaded and defined using two options: drag and drop geometry files or quickly add parts without geometry file.
3º Calculations: automatic calculations are performed using the Lantek CAD/CAM engine, including cutting times and material consumption estimates.
4º Pricing strategy: pricing strategy is defined, including checking the sales rate, applying discounts if necessary, and adding surcharges or additional costs.
5º Quotation: the quotation can be downloaded and sent to the end customer.

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"It was precisely what I had been seeking: software that comprehends machine running times, machining durations, and incorporates current material prices in quotation calculations. What previously consumed 20 to 30 minutes and several Excel spreadsheets now takes a mere two to three minutes—and above all, it's remarkably user-friendly."

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Streamline your sales and budgeting procedures by using Lantek iQuoting and Lantek MetalShop.


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