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Lantek Expert_DARK@2x Lantek Expert


Lantek Expert v43 introduces a range of new features to improve FLEXIBILITY in production and SPEED UP the programming of multiple nests for sheet metal parts, saving a substantial amount of time in the process.

  • ​Machine Change Option for Subjob and Nests enables users to switch machines for all nests in a subjob, retaining or automating technology and machining settings, with Drag & Drop available for nest groups.

  • Mass Technology & Machining Application offers manual/semi-automatic assignment of lead-ins, micro-joints, and cutting quality to contours, automatically applied across all parts and nests. New options like 'All the same contours' and 'Every Sheet of the Subjob' simplify this process, along with one-click application/removal of automatic lead-ins and micro-joints.

  • New Special Punching Technology automates non-standard punch usage, assignable manually or during DXF/DWG import. Choose Special Technology or Special Tool, letting the system intelligently select the appropriate tool based on DXF layer information, streamlining the machining process.

Lantek Flex3D_DARK Lantek Flex3D


Lantek Flex3D v43 represents an evolution in its maturity towards the most flexible tube and beam cutting solution, improving its usability, automation capabilities and integration into Lantek's factory management solutions.

  • Identify operations after importing a part recognizes and converts non-native operations from imported 3D CAD parts, making it convenient to edit or remove them.

  • Improved micro-joints management functionality has been revamped with an extended configuration window, offering versatility in dealing with holes and extremes in various scenarios.

  • Improved hole destruction of parts feature introduces multiple algorithms for hole destruction, including zone-based, interior tangents, surface angle-based, and interior angle-based methods. A preview option enables users to evaluate the destruction outcome before applying it semi-automatically to chosen contours.

Lantek MES_DARK Lantek Integra_DARK Lantek MES & Integra


Lantek MES & Lantek Integra v43 enable enhanced FLEXIBILITY and TRACEABILITY in production planning, efficient resource utilization, inventory optimization, and streamlined shopfloor operation​

  • Intermediate warehouses management allows defining input and output locations for items on work centers, enabling enhanced Production Orders traceability and WIP control. WOS andCapture WEB aids operators in locating items in intermediate warehouses.

  • Manufacturing to stock management offers a flexible and efficient Sale Orders requirements allocation, including automatic or manual stock allocation, link to ongoing production, or a combination of both. It extends also to the assembly components management.

  • Nestings' Work Center Change Tool empowers production managers during the workload balancing tasks, ensuring that the proper technology, machining and postprocessing is automatically applied.

Lantek Bend_DARK Lantek Bend

New product Lantek Bend is a cutting-edge addition that revolutionizes manufacturing by bridging the gap between design and production. With new data synchronization our comprehensive suite empowers to optimize manufacturing processes.

  • ​The intuitive workflow and Nc generation workflow guides you along all process step by step to generate in easy way the unfolding, machine selection and automatically generating a consistent bending sequence, ready to generate output as reports or NC-Code changing machine or tools is made in a single action.

  • ​There are more than 7500 available tools integrated into the Lantek Bend, the user can easily select the most common tools existing on the market as build his own catalog.

  • Support for multiple machine manufacturer and controllers. Lantek can realize and develop all necessary integration for new brands or specific Controllers open to OEM as part of integration.

  • ​When using pre-defined tool library, the user can prioritize the use of the tools resulting in a more convenient tool preselection in the automate bending sequence proposal.


Lantek Expert_DARK@2x Lantek Expert


Lantek Expert, our 2D CAD/CAM software for metal cutting machines is used by more than 30,000 customers worldwide. Here are some improvements we have made to benefit every user:

Machining (Cutting)
    Semi-automatic holes destruction
•    Delete skeleton cutting by segments
•    Common cut of a grid with multihead
•    Rotation of parts nested with multihead
•    New Special Pre-Cutting Cycles on Lead-Ins 
•    Special Cycles in lead-ins configured by Material/Thickness
•    Lead-ins and micro-joints always in correct direction
•    Cut Micro-joints with Lead-In/Lead-Out
•    New Lead-in type with Double Arc

Bulk changes / Increase Automation Machining (Cutting)
•    Mass technology assignment
•    Mass machining modifications options
•    Modify machine for a subjob
•    Modify machine for nests

•    New configuration for nesting repetitions in NOS

•    Common Cut for parts with Bevel
•    Cut orthogonal bevel at the end
•    Cut all contours without bevel at the end
•    Different compensation for straight bevel and no bevel contours

Punching / Increase Automation
•    Special Punching Technology
•    Special Punching Assignment during importation

•    Collision Detection Improvements

•    Scale factor in Texts (Imported and Created in Expert)
•    Bend lines exported (Lantek Bend format) in DXF format 

•    Panel, Window and Tables Restoration new buttons 
•    New icons 


Lantek Flex3D_DARK Lantek Flex3D


Lantek Flex3D adapts to the rapidly evolving market of the tube and profile cutting machines, offering maximum efficiency and flexibility with programming any format and machining strategy, through the following new features:

•    Toggle Multiple Files between Shared and Non-shared Use
•    Rename Machine
•    Open Machine Configuration
•    Improved System Performance
•    Mouse Wheel Behavior Modification
•    Manage Welding Line Parameters in the Excel Importer
•    Assign Marking as Cutting with DSTV importer
•    Import Parts as a Unique Part
•    Edit the Remnant Quantity 

•    Identify Operations after Importing a Part
•    Performance Improvements on the Grid Edition
•    Drills Grid and Panel Enhancements
•    Drill/Tap/Sink Group/Order in the Grid

Jobs Management
•    Change the Machine of a Part Assigned to a Job
•    Extra Column Management in Excel importer
•    Simplify "Send to" and "Return to" Options
•    Edit Multiple Part Properties at the Same Time Once in a Job

•    New Nesting Algorithm
•    Nesting improvements on Parts with Operations on the Extremes

•    Improved Micro-Joints Management
•    Improved Hole Destruction of Parts
•    Join Parts at the End of the Beam to Minimize Scrap
•    Lead-In/Lead-Outs at a Distance from Corner on Extremes
•    Minimize Tube Rotations for Machines Where the Gantry Moves in X
•    Machining Loops
•    Automatic Marking Management Enhancements
•    Handling of Parts with Radiuses on the Flange Ends


Lantek MES_DARK Lantek Integra_DARK Lantek MES & Integra


Discover the power of Lantek MES & Integra, two distinct yet complementary solutions that cater to your company's management needs. 

Intermediate Warehouses
•    Input and output warehouses definition in work centers
•    Production orders warehouse movements and intermediate inventory tracking views
•    Parts location in Capture WEB and WOS
•    New report for intermediate warehouse movements
•    Work-In-Process (WIP) report

Manufacturing to Stock Management
•    Change manufacturing orders to backlog and vice versa
•    Switch backlogs between Sale Orders
•    Reserve semi-finished items in stock and finish their routings
•    Reserve finished items in stock from Sale Orders
•    Reserve assembly components
•    Stock information when sending item to production

Integration Mechanisms
•    Prioritize commands in PowerSync
•    Exporting extra fields via PowerSync

Integra CRM and Sales
•    Quotes: New Times&Costs summary view for 3D Quotation Jobs
•    Quotes: Quick undo of nestings on Quotation Jobs
•    Quotes: New improved Bend process quotation tool in Quote Explorer
•    Quotes: Formats material price management on CAM Simulation
•    Sales: Delivery notes with items tracking numbers management

MES Production Tracking
•    Nesting's work center change tool
•    Production Orders progress bar visualization


Lantek Bend_DARK Lantek Bend


Lantek Bend, designed for sheet metal bending, offers unrivaled efficiency and adaptability. Stay at the forefront of the industry with flexible programming and machining strategies, now complemented by these cutting-edge additions.

New integrated workflow

•   Intuitive workflow and Nc generation
•   Easy tool selection More than 7500 available tool catalogs
•   Support for multiple machine manufacturer and controllers
•   Open and modify parts in Lantek Bend directly from Expert or MES
•   User defined tool preselection
•   Fast 3D cad file import capability
•   Inbuild 2D editor
•   Assembly dismantling
•   Automated Form feature recognition
•   Batch processing
•   Tool setup optimizer
•   Customer based bend deduction values.
•   Multiple machine view and switch
•   Interactive bending ops Panel control
•   Intuitive user interface easy click and mod
•   High quality reports and customizable
•   User friendly report editor
•   Fast bending algorithm
•   Real time validation
•   Manual Import and Export from Lantek Expert / MES




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