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"Since going live with Lantek, Laserfab has seen increased production capacity, agility in managing our WIP, decreased lead times, and decreased inventory spend. Most important to us is the ability to bring sales, engineering, and production together on the same page."

Dain Zimmerman

Laserfab, Inc.

"Our company went from pencil and paper to Lantek and a new Fiber Optic laser. What an incredible journey it's been as both the software and laser have allowed us to achieve triple-digit growth within the same facility footprint over a short period of time!"

Tom Westby

Albers Commercial Kitchen Services


Manufacturing software for all departments


Sheet & Tube Nesting Simplified

Lantek CAD/CAM

Advanced 2D and 3D CAD/CAM nesting and extensive machine tool builder relationships make Lantek the best nesting solution for sheet metal, tube, pipe, and structural steel manufacturers.


Manufacturing Data Visualized

Lantek Manager

The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for sheet metal, tube, pipe, and structural steel fabricators that boosts productivity, efficiency, and visibility of your operation.


Enterprise Data Consolidated

Lantek Integra

Our highly integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to manage quotes, sales, inventory, vendors, customers, and other pertinent business data. 




Lantek puts the fact in manufacturing.



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Lantek is honored to have been selected for six speaking engagements at FABTECH 2019. Click on the speaker below for a brief bio and the topics they will be discussing. 

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Adria Haines headshot
Adria Haines headshot

Adria Haines

Sales Director

Adria Haines is Director of Lantek USA. She studied Computer Science at the University of Cincinnati and has implemented CAD/CAM and Interoperability solutions in the Manufacturing sector for 20 years. Adria’s experience designing and implementing integrated software solutions for Aerospace, Automotive, and Metal Fabrication, complement Lantek’s mission to help Sheet Metal companies digitize their processes with the most innovative software products and services.


Adria will be presenting the following topics at FABTECH 2019:

Millennials in Manufacturing (Workforce development)

Smart Factory: 101 (Smart manufacturing)


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Kevin Must headshot
Kevin Must headshot

Kevin Must

Marketing Manager

Kevin Must, marketing manager for Lantek Systems, works closely with manufacturers who rely on Lantek Systems for their Industry 4.0, digitization and interoperability needs. Kevin’s passion for learning new advances in manufacturing has resulted in providing the industry with information regarding new technological implementations and successes.


Kevin will be presenting the following topics at FABTECH 2019:

Quit Making Excuses. Now is the time to Digitize. (Smart manufacturing)

Streamline Your Quoting Process with Artificial Intelligence (Smart manufacturing)


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David Iyoha headshot
David Iyoha headshot

David Iyoha

Manufacturing Software Consultant

David Iyoha is a manufacturing software consultant at Lantek Systems and frequent contributor at industry events with over twenty years of experience consulting companies leveraging technology and software solutions. For the past five years David has worked with manufacturing companies on their technology applications with a focus on Industry 4.0.


David will be presenting the following topics at FABTECH 2019:

Smart Manufacturing Feasibility Case Study (Smart manufacturing)

Smart Manufacturing Meets Workforce Development (Smart manufacturing)


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Technology is changing the way we manufacture.


Advanced Nesting Solutions

Lantek offers the most advanced 2D and 3D CAD/CAM nesting solutions for sheet metal, tube, and pipe manufacturers. Quickly and easily nest your parts to optimize your sheet, tube, or pipe utilization with automatic, semi-automatic, and manual nesting functions.

Laser, plasma, oxyfuel, waterjet, shear, and punch programming made simple. 



Flexible Production Scheduling

Lantek's Manufacturing Execution System (MES) enables managers to see the status of jobs and quickly adjust schedules to accomodate rush orders. Our advanced machine monitoring methods allow managers to see what is happening on their shop floor quickly and easily.

No more need for production boards that change virtually right after you update them.



Interoperable Transparency

Lantek's integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system gives all involved stakeholders a view of what is going on around the facility. From sales to purchases, customers to vendors, and business office to production floor, Lantek Integra affords transparency across all departments. 

Quote quickly, quote accurately, win more jobs, and become more profitable with Lantek.



Real-Time Manufacturing Data

Lantek's intuitive analytical dashboard allows managers to quickly visualize real-time machine and customer data. Manufacturing analytics enables production managers the ability to see downtime, reasons for downtime, OEE, upcoming jobs, and much more.

Customer analytics offers sales managers a quick view into their most profitable products, customers, regions, sales people, and more.


Benefits of working with Lantek



Industry Experts

Trusted subject matter experts with over 30 years experience in sheet metal manufacturing technology.


96,000+ users

Over 96,000 users worldwide trust Lantek every day to improve their manufacturing operations.


Reliable Support

With 20 offices in 14 countries and 18 support languages, Lantek offers the support you can count on.


100+ Agreements

Extensive machine tool builder agreements allow Lantek to program over 1,200 cutting machine models.