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Version 2020

Never stop manufacturing

Introducing Lantek V2020. A hundred new features with one goal: To boost your efficiency


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for remote

Always ready for what may come. System is designed to allow technical and commercial staff to work remote.


production downtime

Prevent production stoppages with breakthrough features and boost your efficiency.


Faster. Smarter.


100+ new features to make your daily work more efficient and reliable. Make it smarter with Lantek Analytics.


technical support

Anywhere, anytime. Get faster help with new technical modules for installation, configuration, and support.


Why update to version 2020?


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  • Intelligent Collision Avoidance: Avoid head breakage
  • Avoid more than 80% of production stops
  • Nesting Algorithm major improves 
  • Cut behind supports: new feature for tubes saving 300-500 mm of material per nesting






  • Up to 700% more efficient in complex part nesting
  • More than 5% increase in material usage for tubes
  • Over 30 new optimizations
  • Manufacturing Analytics Module: OEE, Production, Stock and Efficiency of each machine, line, plant, nesting or material. Anytime, anywhere.



  • Usability improvements: easier settings
  • Automatic scrap marking
  • Simultaneous marking and cutting controls
  • New Look & Feel for MES/Integra
  • MES Monitoring: simple visualization of production workload






  • New remote capabilities: Diagnosis, configuration, and customizations with military-level encryption protocol. 
  • New virtualization capabilities (In case your workers have to go back to work from home because of COVID-19)
  • Top-level technical support to keep you operating




Lantek Expert

Lantek Expert, our 2D CAD/CAM software for metal cutting machines is used by more than 23,000 customers worldwide. Here are some improvements we have made to benefit each user:

  •     Improved Execution Times  
  •     Destroy Sheet Holes Using Continuous Cut
  •     Real Distance For Micro-Joints And Micro-Joints At The End Of Contour
  •     Lead-In/Lead-Outs, Micro-Joints And Loops With Preview          
  •     Maintain Lead-In/Lead-Outs Defined In Part And/Or Imported Module
  •     Lead-In/Lead-Out Configuration Improvement
  •     Overlapping For Special Offset Lead-In/Lead-Outs In Circular Holes        
  •     Special Lead-In/Lead-Outs With Offset In All Types Of Geometry
  •     Collision Avoidance   
  •     Machining Verification With Collision Avoidance       
  •     Machining Sequence Minimizing The Passing Through Cut Holes
  •     Automatic Remnant Marking  
  •     Remnant Line Offset In The Sheet Edge
  •     Cut The Remnant Line Near The Beginning Of The Work Zone
  •     Fit The Remnant Line To The Sheet
  •     Nesting For Common Cut In Rows And Columns
  •     Technology Options Execution In All The Parts Of A Subjob        
  •     Machine Marking Contours With Cutting Ones
  •     Treatment Of Machine Configurations Per Part
  •     Ordering By Proximity In “Cut Contours Contained By Zones”  
  •     Machining Of A Part With Optimized Multihead
  •     Assign A Machine Configuration By Default When Importing Parts From Database 
  •     Punch Reposition On Shearing
  •     Allow Partial Shearings With Pressure-Foot Over Certain Instructions
  •     ISO Importer Improvement To Recognize Text Codes As Generic Instructions   
  •     Allow Selection Of Bottom Side Marking Technology In DSTV Importer
  •     Magnetic Suction Cups
  •     Execute A Sheet Turn Over To Finish The Automatic Machining
  •     Modify The Initial Clamp Position To Execute A Sheet Turn Over
  •     Workshop Sheet Of The Selected Sheets In A Single PDF File
  •     Customized Saving Path And New Color Range
  •     New Configuration Options When Exporting Jobs

Lantek flex3d

Lantek Flex3d expands integration options with industry leading design programs for importing and exporting files. Other improvements include:

  • Options To Overwrite When Importing  
  • DSTV Import For Tube Machines              
  • File Import By Means Of The Excel Importer        
  • Improved Execution Times          
  • "Add Holes" Process Improvements       
  • Import Process Improvements                  
  • Undo And Redo Machining          
  • Machining Copy Improvement With An Automatic Mode              
  • Nesting Management Using The End In Common Cut      
  • Nesting Management Based On Head Features 
  • New Supports Configuration      
  • Remnant Line Generation           
  • Tolerance Definition When Importing Parts         
  • Destroy Scrap On Complicated Holes      
  • New Repositioning Strategy       
  • New Machine Coordinate System            
  • Part Extraction System 
  • Minimize Tube Rotations             
  • Measuring Sensor           
  • Modify Lead-In When The Part Is Rotated On Nesting     
  • Head Raising Test            
  • Flex3d Addins     
  • Flex3dSWToolbar Menu & Options Tab                  
  • Separated Compensation Values For Holes And Extremes             
  • Fast Cut Mode 
  • Lead-In Position At A Distance From The Corner

Lantek MES

Lantek MES is an indispensable product that maximizes the productivity of your plant. Here are our improvements for the latest update:

  • Lantek Manufacturing Analytics
  • Redesigned Look & Feel
  • New MES Monitoring Tool
  • Program Deferred Update for Material Prices
  • Program Deferred Update for Abbreviated Routes
  • Buffer Days For Deadline Calculation
  • Assembly Structure Report With Images
  • MES Capture: Validation Method Configuration By Work Center
  • WOS: Automatic Selection Of Nests/Operations To Validate
  • WOS: Automatic Selection Of Nests/Operations In Validation Review
  • WOS: Validation In A Different Work Center From The Original
  • WOS: Show Setup Tasks
  • WOS: Validations On Network Folder
  • Opentalk: Integration With Bystronic and Trumpf Machines
  • Opentalk: Backup Copy Of The Signals File
  • Powersync: Define Importer Connection User
  • Powersync: Multiprograms Importation



Lantek Integra

Lantek's advanced analytics have accurate information about your business, both for production and commercial management. Available from anywhere on any connected device.

  • Lantek Customer Analytics
  • Redesigned Look & Feel
  • Integration With The Browser's Back Button
  • New MES Monitoring Tool
  • Program Deferred Update for Material Prices
  • Program Deferred Update for Abbreviated Routes
  • Buffer Days For Deadline Calculation
  • Assembly Structure Report With Images
  • Outsourcing: Tracking Numbers In The Reception Of First Operations
  • Digital Signature Of Invoicing Reports
  • Configurable Images on Windows
  • Powersync: Define Importer Connection User
  • Powersync: Multiprograms Importation


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Carlos García

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