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Version 2021


Introducing Lantek 35th Anniversary Version


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Managing new machines, new technologies.

New machine features and devices, new tubes and profiles formats... and one single CAM to manage them all.

Towards the Smart Factory.

Because we already know that this is not a vague concept, but a real need: improving efficiency through technology.

More automations. Faster. Easier.


We have worked with our customers on the identification and automation of the most frequent tasks. 

Because the market is changing.

Because digital transformation is simply about knowing how to take advantage of your other raw material: DATA.






Lantek Expert (CAD/CAM 2D)

  • Multiple new options which make easier, and now more automatic, the whole process of cutting, punching and shearing sheet metal parts for our customers.
  • Brand new options to cut more efficiently and place lead-ins in optimal positions.
  • More flexibility on the parts importation (with Drag & Drop and A2N) and the ability to manage draft parts and duplicated parts.
  • New options to destroy scrap and skeleton more efficiently have been included, as well as a new option to redistribute the parts uniformly along the sheet.





Lantek Flex3d (CAD/CAM 3D)

  • New machine devices management.
  • New profile/tube formats machining strategies.
  • A new cutting path design tool: Toolpath Smart Designer (TSD): A big step forward in the programming of any profile shape, even irregular ones.
  • Steelwork module has been completely redesigned, enabling a seamless experience for tube and profile parts machining, with a new unified user interface.
  • 64-bit architecture: +25% speed improvements

Lantek MES/Integra 

  • Better integration with Lantek Flex3d enables import of new 3D formats (STEP, IGES, SAT), improving quotation capabilities.
  • New features on Lantek WOS Opentalk: more power and flexibility in day to day work.
  • Improved integrations and flexibility.
  • New Dark Mode.
  • Workload Monitoring (Scheduling tool)- new options on delivery dates for quotes or sale orders, on centers workload,  on automatic production dates proposal, and more.





Lantek Analytics 

  • New KPIs: (Machine Pause Reasons, OTIF (On Time In Full Delivery), WIP (Work In Process), Lead Time, Lead Time Evolution, Transport Cost, Transport Cost Deviation, Return Orders).

  • Dashboards and filters management: to create and duplicate dashboards, mark them as favourites and create groups of filters.

  • KPI Self-Service, which allows the user to create his own KPIs, out of hundreds of preloaded metrics.

  • New Dark Mode Skin.




Lantek Expert V2021

Lantek Expert, our 2D CAD/CAM software for metal cutting machines is used by more than 27,000 customers worldwide. Here are some improvements we have made to benefit each user:

  • Drag & Drop importer
  • New Draft part management
  • New Option expand parts in Nesting
  • New Clean Cut property: Avoid technology In geometries
  • Renewed 3D Importer (A2N) Unfolding With tools sizes
  • New duplicated parts management when importing or saving
  • Column customization in import window
  • New option to fix cut sequence at drawing module
  • Improvements in Lead-in/Lead-out position
  • New Lead-in when cutting the sheet framework
  • New method to destroy holes using spiral cut
  • Improvements in hole and skeleton destruction in grid cutting
  • New verification amount of pieces generated on holes destruction
  • New button to finish all machining
  • New color for marking contours
  • New workshop printout for remnants
  • Automatic remnants dimensioning on creation
  • Generate PDF or WMF of the remnant Workshop Sheet
  • Nesting by zones: Force last remnant line straight
  • Simulation: Remove evacuated parts during machining
  • New Button to delete micro-joints at the end of the contour
  • New CNC micro-joint treatment In postprocessors
  • Automatic routing assignation when saving a part
  • Print bevel data in workshop sheets
  • Cost calculation: New maximum area percentage limit


Lantek Flex3d V2021

Lantek Flex3d adapts to the rapidly evolving market of the tube and profile cutting machines, offering maximum efficiency and flexibility in the programming of any format and machining strategy, through the following new features:

  • New 64-bit architecture
  • Performance improvements in part geometry operations
  • Manage accelerations in machining time calculation
  • New profile format: shape profiles
  • Toolpath Smart Designer (TSD)
  • Drag & drop
  • Show arrows in rapid paths
  • Steelwork module redesign
  • Improved operations list management
  • Nesting: efficiency optimization
  • Nesting: improved tools for manual adjustment of the parts
  • Nesting: evacuate remnant first
  • Nesting: rotation in the profile load for tube machines
  • Nesting: split parts for remnant usage on tube machines
  • Define working area for tubes
  • New configuration for three movable supports
  • Marking lines for sawing
  • Configuration for operation ordering (Steelwork)
  • Limit breaking contours at the end of the tube
  • Optimization in fixed 5x supports
  • Cut holes inside boxes of extremes first
  • Different compensation for holes and extremes
  • Fast cut mode for holes grids
  • Lead-in/lead-out position from cornet configuration


Lantek MES/Integra V2021

Lantek MES is an indispensable product that maximizes the productivity of your plant. Here are our improvements for the latest update:

  • New Dark Themes
  • New 3D import types
  • Workload Monitoring: Automatic scheduled start date
  • Workload Monitoring: Lead time in outsourcing operations
  • Workload Monitoring: Recommended delivery date based on current workload
  • Opentalk: synchronization with machine controller
  • Opentalk: New Force Finish option
  • Opentalk: Visual notice of programmed order’s change
  • WOS: Reverting finished nestings



Lantek Analytics V2021

Lantek's advanced analytics have accurate information about your business, both for production and commercial management. Available from anywhere on any connected device.

  • Clone dashboard
  • Create dashboard group
  • Search dashboard by name
  • Favourites dashboard group
  • Sort dashboards options
  • Filters groups (create, edit, delete)
  • Filters stored in cookies
  • ToolTip descriptions
  • View details menu improved
  • Metric and imperial unit system
  • Dark mode (selectable per user)
  • KPI Self-Service wizard
  • Data Gateway
  • KPI Machine Pause Reasons
  • KPI OTIF (n Time In Full Delivery)
  • KPI Lead Time by Client
  • KPI Lead Time Evolution
  • KPI WIP (Work In Process)
  • KPI Transport Cost
  • KPI Transport Cost Deviation
  • KPI Return Orders
  • Opentalk: Reverting finished nestings.


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Carlos García

CTO Lantek

"35 years in software is a long time; many years learning from customers' processes, from their specific cases, from their workflows and from different machines and technologies. The 2021 version is the materialization of 35 years of experience, and we are proud to release it."

Carlos García - CTO Lantek